Player Eligibility

  1. Unless given clearance by Barangay Bel-Air or the organizers, all players must meet the following criteria below:

    a. Employee 1A/1B- Employees of Barangay Bel-Air/BAVA

    b. Employee 2A/2B- Employees of Barangay Bel-Air households.

  2. Only players on the official rosters are eligible to play.
  3. Players can only play in one team. If a player is in the roster of more than one team in the division, the team he plays his first game for will be his team of record.



  1. Teams play only the teams in their divisions.

Tournament Format


  1. All semis and finals matches are knockout matches.

Employee 1A

  1. Teams play a double round robin elimination round.
  2. The 2 nd faces the 3 rd seed in a one-game semifinal. The winner faces the 1 st seed in the one-game championship match.

Employee 1A

  1. Teams play a single round classification round.
  2. Teams are seeded 1 to 4 based on W-L records and tiebreakers.
  3. The 1 st seed plays the 2 nd seed with the winner advancing to the finals. The loser will be the 2 nd seed in the step-ladder knockout round which will have the following matches: KO 1- 3 rd vs. 4 th , Semis- 2 nd vs. KO 1 winner.
  4. The winner of the semis will face the 1 st seed in the finals.

Employee 2A and 2B- 5 teams

  1. Teams play a single round robin elimination round.
  2. The 2 nd seed faces the 3 rd seed in the one game semifinal. The winner faces the 1 st seed in the finals.



  1. Teams will be seeded first based on their W-L records.
  2. In case of ties, the following tiebreaker system will apply.

    a. Winner over the other will be considered first. For teams that have a double round robin, all matches will be considered.

    b. In case of ties between at least three teams where no team defeated all those they are tied with, the quotient system (win-loss margins of games of teams who are tied against one another) will apply.

    c. If some teams are still tied, the winner over the other rule will be reapplied. If not applicable, the tie will be broken by the quotient system. If there is still a tie, the quotient of the tied teams against their first common opponent or until the opponent where tie is broken will be used.

Schedule of Games

  1. Once the final schedule for the season has been released, changes will only be made if the venue becomes unavailable or due to oversights.
  2. Please note that all schedule preference requests are not guaranteed to be given. All requests are given on a best-efforts basis.

Game Guidelines- General

  1. Teams must have a minimum of 5 players in complete uniform to be able to start a game. There will be a 10 minute grace period for late-arriving teams.
  2. If no 5 th player arrives, the team will be assessed a loss by default.
  3. If a 5 th player arrives during the grace period, the team that did not have the 5 players at the start of the game will have no time-out for the game.
  4. All players must be in uniform to be eligible to play. The organizers reserve the right to allow teams/players to play on a case-to-case basis.
  5. Gameresults will not be overturned for any technical or officiating issue even if there is a clear error on the part of the officials.
  6. Game results will only be reversed if a team fields an ineligible player.

    a. Player is not in the officially approved roster or is playing under a false name- Team will forfeit all games said player participated in regardless of what point in the season the violation is discovered.

    b. Player is in the official roster but does not meet the eligibility requirements for the division- Once the violation is determined, said player may no longer play for the team for the remainder of the season. If the violation is determined before the 3 rd match of the team in the season, games in which said player was fielded will be forfeited. If the violation is determined during or after the 3 rd match of the season, the results of the first three matches will stand.

  7. If a player was not in proper uniform during the game, results will remain.



  1. By the 2 nd game of each team in the season, all players must be in full uniform, jersey and shorts to be able to play in a game.
  2. All jerseys must have distinct numbers. No placing of tape or any other form of adhesive to change the number will be allowed. Barangay Bel-Air reserves the right to allow players to use provisional uniforms under special circumstances.


Game Guidelines- Special

  1. All players in uniform and on the team's bench before the start of the 2 nd quarter must playa minimum of five (5) minutes. Teams will determine the sequence how players will be fielded in.
  2. The 5-minute segments must be played consecutively. After the first five minutes in the quarter, the referees will stop the game as long as there is no active offensive play on the team's offensive half of the court.
  3. All players must complete their 5-minutes segment before a player who has completed his can re-enter the game. Once less than 5 players who have not completed their playing time remain, teams may field the players who have completed their required playing time for the open slot (s).
  4. Players who arrive after the start of the 2 nd quarter can still play but they will no longer have a guaranteed playing time. They may only enter the game when there are open slots once less than 5 players have yet to play their required time.
  5. Players who are still playing their one quarter requirement can only be substituted for injury based on the assessment of the officials. The player who replaces him must be one of the players who has not yet played his required playing time. Said player must still play his required 5 minutes at a later quarter if he hasn't done so.
  6. If it is determined that the player feigned an injury, the organizers reserve the right to impose sanctions on the player and his team.
  7. If a player fouls out during his required playing team, teams must play short-handed for the remainder of the quarter.




A.1st technical foul, season


B. 2nd technical foul, season

1 game suspension

C. 3rd technical foul, season

Tournament suspension

D. 1st un-sportsmanlike foul, season


E. 2nd un-sportsmanlike foul, season

1 game suspension

F. 3rd un-sportsmanlike foul, season

Tournament suspension

G. 1st disqualifying foul, season

1 game suspension

H. 2nd disqualifying foul, season

Tournament suspension

I. 1st punching foul (instigator)

Tournament suspension

J. 1st punching foul (retaliatory)

Tournament suspension

K. Team Walk-out

Indefinite Suspension (present players)

L. Fielding of Ineligible Player

Fines and Sanctions TBD. Refer to section above on effect on game results.

  1. All individuals who sit in a team's bench (i.e. coaches, managers) who are not players of the team are subject to the same penalties outlined for player violations.
  2. Bench technical fouls will be assigned to the individuals guilty of the infraction.
  3. All violations are reviewed by the referees. They have the sole authority to waive the offenses from a player's totals or reclassify violations as deemed necessary. Generally, non-abusive violations (i.e. delay of game, un-sportsmanlike fouls with no intent to harm) are not counted as part of a player's totals for the season.
  4. Violations of players and non-players in other divisions will be counted as part of their total violations. Suspensions will be applied to all teams of the player.
  5. A player who is suspended may not be in the venue during any game.
  6. Abusive spectators who ignore warnings of officials may be removed from the premises. Sanctions may be levied on these individuals and/or their teams.
  7. Players who engage in fighting or behave in a disruptive manner in any area within close proximity of any game venue may be subject to additional sanctions if there are official reports of the incident from an impartial third party who is an employee or official of the league or Barangay Bel-Air.
  8. The organizers reserve the right to impose additional sanctions on individuals whose conduct is deemed detrimental to the league.

Special Features

1. Complete game, team, and individual statistics will be posted on the league website at . There will be a MVP, Best Defender, and Mythical 5 based on the stats.

Statistical Points (MVP and Mythical Five)

A. For each point scored, a player receives 1 statistical point (SP).

B. For each rebound, assist, steal, and block, a player receives 1.5 SPs.

C. For each game won in which he plays, he earns an additional 10 SPs.

D. A player receives an additional 10 statistical points each time his team enters the semifinals, the finals, and/or wins the championship.

E. If an opponent defaults a game, the players of the winning team receive SPs based on their averages per game plus an additional 10 SPs for a won game.

F. If a team advances directly to the division championship or draws a bye in the semifinals, its players will receive SPs based on their statistical averages per game and an additional 10 SPs for a won game for each bye.

G. The player with the most SPs at the end of the season will be the MVP.

H. If there is a tie, the player whose team finished with a better record will be the MVP.

I. If the players are from the same team, the player with a better statistical performance during the last game of the team will win the MVP award. If still equal, the statistical performance will be applied to each preceding game until one player has an advantage.

J. The five (5) players with the most SPs will be named part of the Mythical Five of the Division. Same tiebreakers apply.

Defense Statistical Points (Best Defensive Player)

A. For each defensive rebound, a player receives 1 defensive statistical point.

B. For each steal and block, a player receives 2 defensive statistical points.

C. For each game won in which the player plays, he receives 5 defensive statistical points.

D. The basic principles outlined in letters E to J in the previous section will apply as well.

2. In an effort to be as accurate as possible, if you notice any errors in the statistics, please send an email to so that the corrections can be made.