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History & Achievements

Ayala’s Development of Baranggay Bel-Air

The subdivision known as Bel-Air Village was developed by Ayala Development Corporation and was incorporated and registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission in 1957. With a total land area of 787,234 square meters, it had four (4) development phases and now consists of 950 lots, 32 streets and two (2) well-developed parks each with a basketball court. Currently, there are only twelve (12) vacant lots in the Village.

Bel-Air has deed restrictions which are annotated on the dorsal side of the titles of the properties of the homeowners. These Deed Restrictions remain in force for a period of fifty (50) years from January 15, 1957, unless sooner cancelled in its entirety by two-thirds vote of the members in good standing of the Bel-Air Village Association, Inc. (BAVA). The Association may, however, from time to time, append additional ones, amend or abolish particular restrictions or part thereof by majority vote of the members.

Barangay Bel-Air’s jurisdiction covers Bel-Air Village Phases 1-4, and the Makati Central Business District (MCBD) areas of Ayala North Block, Buendia Extension Block, Salcedo Village and the Ayala Triangle.

During the course of Ayala’s development of the Baranggay, leadership in the Baranggay changed as follows:

Baranggay Captains

Term of Office

Ayala’s Development of Baranggay Bel-Air Started


Bel-Air Village in 1957

Marilou C. Soriano

1964 – 1974

Ayala North Block in 1965

Arsenio M. Villavicencio

1974 – 1980

Salcedo Village in 1975

Sigrid Sibug

1989 – Present

Ayala Triangle Phase I Tower in 1998